Services For Organizations

  • Delivery of E-books Databases and Journals selected by organization profile. It is also possible to delivery books, articles, patents, dissertations, scientific papers in Georgian, and Russian languages.
  • creating a modern, flexible website design for organizations;
  • Creating an individual search engine according to the organization subject;
  • Processing and analyzing of statistical data;
  • Creating an Electronic Journal with international standards published under the auspices of the organization, also its future popularization: Publication in various international databases;
  • Create an Electronic Conferences version of the planned conference, where organization can register all the required stages for the conference;
  • Creating integrated Electronic Catalogs of the fund of library books, according to international standards;
  • Converting printed literature to Electronic format; Publishing existing E-books in the appropriate space;
  • Publishing articles and various monographs written by the organization staff on our portal, in the system of Individual Papers created especially for them.  Creating the system individually for your organization;
  • Creating an archive of the scientific community: This program contains information about the scientific community of the organization, there is given contact and bibliographic data, a list of scientific papers (with full texts after the author’s agreement), A list of studies by the scientist, grants, cooperation with other scientists, statistics, etc. In fact, it is the combination of Individual Scientific Profiles of researchers, gathered in one base.
  • We will help you to find, install and analyse interesting services.
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