Membership Benefits

To join the association for science you can send an e-mail or personally submit a statement to the President of the Association with the following text:

To  the  President  of  “Association  For  Science”                                                  Tamar  Khakhutashvili

                                                                        S    T    A    T    E    M    E    N    T   

                                                                                                    Of a Candidate For Membership

Please, consider my data statement for membership in the Association.

Name, surname, father’s name:


Telephone number:

Email address:



Association Requisites:  Association for Science

Identification code: 400248576

Bank details:

Central Bank of Georgia

Bank code – BAGAGE22

Account Number – GE39BG0000000101591797

Tel: 593304942; 597 125432



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