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  • How the Journal Selection Dashboard helps you get maximum reach and impact
    This solution speeds up journal selection and ensures you make the best choice For publication planners, it’s a strategic imperative to publish research in the place it will have the most impact.  However, assessing journal impact and pinpointing the best one can be a challenge. Traditional metrics now tell only half the story, because they […]
  • A tragedy of inequalities
    Two first-of-their-kind studies have looked into the different aspects of climate research funding flows: one published in Climate and Development, titled Funding flows for climate change research on Africa: where do they come from and where do they go? analyzed the funding for climate change research in Africa. The second, The misallocation of climate research […]
  • Lignin and the future circular economy
    Finding the link with Dimensions Dimensions’ Landscape & Discovery app has been developed to provide an in-depth understanding of vast and complex research landscapes, and the research on bio-based materials contributing to a circular economy is one such topic. Lignin, an aromatic biopolymer and one of the most abundant bio-based materials found on Earth, has […]

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