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  • Championing change: using real-time data for real-time decisions
    As new developments emerge in research, so do new solutions that can help publishers uncover further insights. Scholarly publishing has long-suffered from being in thrall to both institutions and individuals who have made a name for themselves in their fields. A frisson of excitement runs through every editor’s body when they realise they are publishing […]
  • Machine tool: why Dimensions’ AI is streets ahead in solving information overload
    Whether you are a medical researcher or practicing health professional, it is a daily battle to fight through the tonnes of information that seem to pour in from all directions. Academic articles, preprints, clinical trials and media reports can all add to the confusion where they should help optimize decision-making. With the need to ensure […]
  • Opening up Open Science: How to deal with information overload
    Researchers all over the world are facing greater complexity or pressure to publish their findings. The number of journals available to them keeps growing, and there are many platforms and repositories where they can display their research to more people than ever before via increased Open Access (OA) availability. Open science – quite rightly – […]

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