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  • Find the right reviewers for your grant applications quickly and easily with Dimensions Reviewer Finder
    Whether you are providing funding for grant applications or publishing new manuscripts, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find expert reviewers. There are vast numbers of potential candidates out there, but discovering them (and ensuring they’re a good match) is another story. As a result, you often find yourself competing for the same small […]
  • How Perspectives & Insights shines a light on your organization
    Introducing the new app that provides a clear dashboard for quick strategic insights and benchmarking University leaders like you want to be able to assess their organization’s performance and benchmark it against others, but they lack an easy way to do so. As a result, it can be hard to see where the organization could […]
  • How Landscape & Discovery allows you to horizon-scan in seconds
    Create your own landscape analysis dashboards for rapid insights with the Landscape & Discovery app To make strategic research decisions, you need to understand the current research landscape. However, that usually means running multiple searches and analyzing mountains of data – and that can be a long and daunting task. With Landscape & Discovery, you […]

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