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  • Choosing journals and understanding publication impact in the digital age
    Mike Taylor, Head of Data Insights, and Grainne Farrell Manager – Corporate Life Science, Central Europe from Digital Science caught up with Garth Sundem, Communications Director at Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS).  The Impact Factor For a long time research was about understanding how well a journal was performing, dominated by the Impact Factor – […]
  • First clinical trial dashboard directly accessible for clinicians
    Publicly available interactive scientific communications tool helps clinicians be more efficient in exploring key information from clinical trials. With the volume and depth of scientific information available, health care professionals can be faced with high volumes of complex information that can take huge amounts of time to digest. Dimensions Consulting Services has created a new […]
  • How semantic search improves search accuracy
    Traditionally search engines use a lexical search, this is where literal matches of words, phrases, or variants are used to find results. Thus, lexical search allows for an easy-to-understand control of your query and the expected matches.  The drawback in this approach is that the meaning behind the query can be lost, as it is […]

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