Open software system for peer-reviewed scientific Journals

Unfortunately, only PDF versions of Scientific Journals are still published on the internet. which, of course, can not be considered as E-Journals.

  • One of the main goal of Association is to create an open access Portal of E-Journals with International standards,   where all Georgian E-Journals will be united. By publishing your articles on our platform, you have the opportunity to increase your scientific productivity in different databases.
  • We also offer to install E-Journal platform individually with full modern standards, we may install it on your website of your organization or on our general platform of the association
  • It is also possible to convert an existing print Journal to an electronic version.
  • Also we offer to promote your E-Journals in local and international scientific community, and publishing in the databases of well-known publishing houses with high ratings

Such an E-Journal created with this system has already been published in Scopus.

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