Platform for Individual Scientific Papers

The Platform of Individual scientific Papers is a program for publishing scientific papers with different subjects and with international standards.

You can upload any scientific and non-scientific publications, such as doctoral and master’s theses, etc.

Unlike e-journals, we do not need to create an editorial board to publish papers, every author can upload papers in any language they want. Articles, books, patents and various other works are published in one space.

It is one of the best way to improve the awareness of a novice scientist on the international scientific field. The material published in our platform will be found and cited in a few days through the Google search engine

All articles have individual citations.

If another authors use your paper while writing their own articles, they indicate the link in the references:

Aslanishvili, David. International Discussions on Bank Credit and Economic Growth Relationship. Platform of Individual Papers, Tbilisi, 10 22, 2018.

See a Link:

You can see an example created by the association The Platform of Individual Papers.

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