Natural Disasters in Georgia: Monitoring, Prevention, Mitigation

December 12, 2019 – December 14, 2019

The conference is dedicated to the 175th anniversary of organizing regular instrumental Geomagnetic and Meteorological observations in Georgia (1844) and the 120th anniversary of seismic observations (Tbilisi, 1899) with the help of K. Gauss, A. Humboldt and other great scientists. It should be noted that the Tbilisi Magnetic-Meteorological Observatory was the cradle of exact science in Georgia. This Observatory was first work place of I. Stalin (from 1899 till the end of 1900). The institute of Geophysics (1933) and the institute of Hydrometeorology (1953) were established on the base of Tbilisi (Later of Dusheti) Observatory.

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